Cher Sued by Backup Dancers for Wrongful Termination, Discrimination

Cher Sued by Backup Dancers for Wrongful Termination, Discrimination

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Three former backup dancers sued Cher claiming wrongful termination and racial discrimination this past Thursday in Los Angeles.  The dancers claim that Cher remarked her recent tour had “too much color” and requested her choreographer not to hire any more dark-skinned dancers. Kevin Wilson, who is black and also danced onstage on the tour, was fired in July – along with two other dancers who claim discrimination as well.

The dancers’ attorney, Perry C. Wander, said he believed the claims were credible.

“The allegations are made by longterm employees who have been on tour with Cher for over a decade,” Wander said.

According to the lawsuit, the dancers were told they were being fired to save costs on the tour. Their wrongful termination lawsuit seeks more than $10 million in damages, although any award would have to be determined by a jury.

According to Cher’s publicist Liz Rosenberg, “The accusations are ridiculous. They couldn’t be further from the truth.”



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