Chicago Red Line Bus Ads Just Got A Bit Gay

Chicago Red Line Bus Ads Just Got A Bit Gay

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cta_lambdalegal_verticalsmall (1)Lambda Legal has unveiled a marriage victory ad campaign on the CTA Red line, making Chicago the site of the national non-profit legal organization’s first transit ad campaign.

“This is a celebration campaign,” said Jim Bennett, Regional Director for the Midwest Regional Office of Lambda Legal. “We’re very happy to have our plaintiff couples as the faces of a campaign on the CTA Red line, a great place to be seen by our community. The people who text to get the Love Unites US bag will also be sent our marriage FAQ and as always we are here to help if the need arises. Lambda Legal has been fighting for equality for a long time, and we want to share the excitement. We all did this together – these ads are full of joy.”

Lambda Legal, whose lawsuits Darby v. Orr, Gray v. Orr, and Lee v. Orr were instrumental in the battle for the freedom to marry in Illinois, will run the ads through April 15. The campaign bears the slogan,”You make your life, we make it legal.” The ads also feature Lambda Legal marriage plaintiffs Lakeesha Harris and Janean Watkins from Chicago and Timothy Rice and Don Julian of Alto Pass, Illinois as well as the organization’s Board co-chair, Karen Dixon and her spouse Nan Schaffer, formerly of Chicago.

See the ads here:




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