Chop, Chop: Suggested College Essentials for Every Kitchen

Chop, Chop: Suggested College Essentials for Every Kitchen

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ec31b50f2ff71c3e81584d04ee44408be273ead21ab7194793f9_640_kitchenLife is just better when you’re in college with quality kitchenware. Understated, maybe, but it’s true. Simple kitchenware is essential for a healthy campus life. The vegetable peel and chopper are an elemental need in a kitchen. Such kitchen gadgets ensure you can cook for yourself more often, which means you’re healthier in the long run – and who doesn’t want someone who takes care of themselves? Right?

When you are moving to a new place, some of the basic amenities required are kitchen appliances. Students, in particular, require kitchen appliances which are simple to use, and at the same time fulfill all types of requirements they have regarding simple cooking. When you are in college and have your own place, you may wish to cook for yourself. Here are some of the best appliances on our list.

The original spirallife vegetable spiralizer

Cutting the vegetables is an art form, and there are so many patterns in which you can cut or shred. Forget the usual cutting of vegetables in flowery forms or as rings. This is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets around and is very simple to use. It helps you cut your vegetables into long ribbons and spirals, which can make them more appealing to eat. If you have a child, it’s a must-have. The two heavily engineered blades are extremely sharp and help with such precise cutting. It’s dishwasher friendly, too.

MBR-1101 magic bullet blender

Blenders are the perfect solution to a number of cooking requirements. If you feel like having a smoothie or a salad, this little wondrous gadget is what you need. It is small enough to be kept in your dormitory as well. The gadget is very simple, does not have complicated buttons and settings to master and is very sleek in terms of design. Overall, it can be the life saver!

25490A dual breakfast sandwich maker

This is an easy-to-use sandwich maker with a twist. The sandwich maker is composed of two layers of pan and is separated by a thin opening. You can make a multi-layer sandwich by the help of such a mechanism – and it’s easy! Set the timer and sit back. You can easily make two sandwiches at a time, which really is awesome stuff. This particular gadget is noted for the versatility of its multi-layer technology, and will prove to be a great addition to any student kitchen.

The Original SNAP’N strain

The trouble of straining is something everyone dreads particularly when you remember the various mishaps you have had with the spilled boiling water. However, with this strainer it becomes easier than ever to strain the boiling water and separate the pasta or other things that you were boiling. This kind of simple mechanism also ensures that you do not need to clean up a pile of dishes after you have completed cooking. This strainer is easy to use, clean and it is also very durable at the same time.

Vidalia pro vegetable chopper

If you are new to cooking and wish to go through the chopping quickly, you can simply try this vegetable chopper. A very easy chopper to use, the vegetable chopper have a spacious chamber and a sharp slicing area. This kind of chopper is very easy to use for all types of vegetables. The chopper is also very space saving and hence you can easily store it. Cleaning this chopper is also very easy for the users. Cutting the onions becomes easier than ever when you have this vegetable chopper at hand.



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