Church of England Evangelical Activist Comes Out As Lesbian

Church of England Evangelical Activist Comes Out As Lesbian

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Jayne Ozanne/Photo: Jeremy Young
Jayne Ozanne/Photo: Jeremy Young

After taking a job as director of Accepting Evangelicals, Jayne Ozanne, one of the Church of England’s leading evangelical campaigners, announced last week that she is a lesbian.

“God is a God of surprises,” the 46-year-old said. “We can never be sure of what the future may bring, but what I do know is that He will always look to transform our darkest hours into something beautiful.”

Her new job will have her walking alongside Christians who believe that same-sex partnerships should be accepted, and together they will aim to work toward a positive Christian ethic for the LGBT community.

Ozanne said that during her five years on the Archbishops’ Council, she prayed for grace to be celibate and even went to conversion therapy where a clergy tried to “cast out a sexual orientation they deemed demonic.”

“It was like trying to cast myself out of myself,” she said.

After speaking to a therapist, she was advised to change her religion.

“There is nothing that can describe the hopelessness that one feels when we believe that God has abandoned us, and when we yearn for death, but it does not come,” Ozanne said.

In 2009, she came out to her friends. She made the move public on February 3, 2015.

“I believe that was God-given in so many ways,” she said. “It is the evangelical church more than any other that needs to hear and embrace each other.”



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