Citizen: ‘LGBT Legalization Will Blow Up’ Crimea

Citizen: ‘LGBT Legalization Will Blow Up’ Crimea

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The Pride march in Crimea set for Tuesday and Wednesday has been stopped by Sevastopol authorities based on Russia’s gay propaganda law.

Ninety-seven percent of the Crimea LGBT people voted in favor of seceding from Ukraine to join Russia as many feel culturally Russian. However, Russia has been tightening their laws on homosexual behavior, and the banning of the parade is the first time the LGBT community of Crimea have been forced to abide by the homophobic Russian law.

“Before Russian occupation it was really complicated to be a gay in Ukraine, that’s why I’m still in a closet and feel trapped,” Maxim Kornilov said in an email to NBC News. “Now it’s absolutely unbearable.”

4887154649_c5bb2ee752On April 11, the Crimea Republic State Council adopted a new constitution. Many thought it would define marriage as between a man and woman only, however, it did not. While it doesn’t state protections for the LGBT community outright, Part 2 of Article 4 grants equality of rights and freedoms of human and citizen.

One Ukrainian Member of Parliament Yuriy Syrotyuk said last year that he feared laws protecting the LGBT community would lead to the succession of Crimea.

“LGBT legalization will blow up this country,” he said. “If we take [a bill protecting LGBTs from discrimination] to the parliament, not only Crimea will secede, but Ukrainian provinces will also start to leave the country.”



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