Clothing Tailored to Suit Every Woman

Clothing Tailored to Suit Every Woman

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FutureLineIf you have ever had a problem finding clothes that you like or clothes that fit correctly, you are not alone. Somehow many of the mainstream fashion lines believe that all women have the exact same 21-year-old body. This compounded with the belief that every woman wants to dress the way popular media deems as sexy makes it no wonder why many women from the lesbian community struggle at times to find clothing.

In the second installment of fashion solutions, I decided to look for some possibilities for our community. If you are in the situation of having clothes you like but that don’t fit you, then I may have the person to fix your problems.

Nicole Stalder is a local Seattle alteration specialist. She vows to tackle any project that many would turn away. She has the ability to create a look from scratch (which can be a bit spendy) or she can magically transform your clothes that don’t fit into perfect fitting garments for your body. Although the exact cost varies to alter jackets or pants, it runs at about only $40-80 ($20 dollars per hour). This would mean that the clothes fit you perfectly and, for many, there is no price tag for this.

Stalder’s tip when shopping with the intent of getting things altered is always to buy clothes that are too big rather than too small because taking in is much easier than letting out. Stalder’s fashion advice is to “Not worry about what other people think about your style. Rock it, own it and be yourself.” She is friendly and always willing to figure out the best solution for you. She can be reached by phone or text at any time to set up an appointment 206-518-3363. Also, if you would like to check out her website, click here. If online is an easier form of contact, she checks her Facebook page frequently.

It is wonderful that skilled people are able to alter your clothes, but in a perfect world, wouldn’t it be nice if there was to be a clothing line that catered to your specific needs? If shopping feels more like a scavenger hunt running between the too baggy men’s section and the rhinestone pink tunics in the women’s section than the next part of the article may excite you.

TomBoy X is a clothing line that is dedicated to the tomboy style. The sizes will range from 6 to 16 and there will be accessories that appeal to everyone. Also the clothing will all be manufactured in the USA right here in Seattle. This means supporting them will be supporting local jobs.

I interviewed the co-founder and CEO of Tomboy X, Fran Dunaway, about her vision. The company is seeking “to fill the gap in an untapped and underserved market – the tomboy style.” They are also looking to help women over the age of 40.

Dunaway noted that “as we get older, our bodies change but it is hard to find clothing in the women’s section that I like or in the men’s section that fits.”

This problem could be remedied by a clothing line created specifically for women in this situation. Dunaway’s plan is to eventually expand their market to women of all ages, but they can only tackle one thing at a time.

Dunaway says her aim is to stay current to trends by accepting feedback for new needs and wants for the fashion consumer. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, Tomboy X needs your help to make it a reality. They have a Kickstarter page where you can show your support by donating money and scoring awesome gear for your future wardrobe. Even a $10 donation will help them reach their goal of serving you better.

If you would like to see a preview of Tomboy X, check out their website.

Fellow fashion strugglers, I hope you feel hope for your future fashion needs. If you have something that doesn’t fit, you can get it altered and, with your support, soon there will be clothing options made specifically to fit your needs.



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  1. Tailored cloths is must for that women who are working or a business women.
    Work clothes for women can define your career. You might not want to spend money on clothes that you aren’t that excited about but it’s one of the realities of working in an office. It’s possible to have pieces that you actually love; it might even make you more excited to go to work.

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