Cologne: Carving a Spot in German Tourism

Cologne: Carving a Spot in German Tourism

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The Cologne Carnival
The Cologne Carnival

You don’t have to be an ultimate explorer or a travel guru to know that there truly are a lot of travel destinations throughout the world. Sure, each one of these destinations offers a lot of exciting history and beautiful sights, but Germany probably has more to offer than most. And, this is in part due to the city of Cologne. In fact, Cologne could very well be the most prolific city in the whole country, but what makes this true? Below, you will learn exactly why Cologne is so important to the country of Germany.

The Cologne Carnival

Each and every year the Cologne Carnival attracts millions of people from around the world to the city. This is without a doubt one of the largest and most celebrated festivals in all of Germany. The Carnival season starts on the eleventh of November at exactly 11:11 AM. However, the main festivities don’t really kick off until Fat Thursday. During the festival you can find over 1.5 million people at any given time dressed in colorful costumes and singing out old ancient German songs. The whole highlight of the Carnival has to be the march of “Cologne’s Dreigestirn”, which takes place on what is known as Rose Monday. This march lasts for one kilometer winding in and around the city.

Cologne Dom
Cologne Dom

The Cologne Dom

The Cologne Dom is one of the most visited and well-known cathedrals throughout all of Germany. Even though it suffered a lot of heavy bomb raids, it survived both World Wars without a scratch. This is probably one of the things that make city’s biggest draw and its most prominent landmark. The beautiful and amazing cathedral is still considered one of the most prolific gothic architecture pieces in the world. In 1966 it was even added to the UNESCO World Heritage Association.

With its stained glass windows, ecclesiastical treasure, and shrine of the three wise men, this historic site is without a doubt worth a visit. The whole experience is even better when you are accompanied by a gorgeous woman from Apricot Escort Cologne.

Local Football

If you thought your country has a big and loyal football following, you haven’t seen anything yet. Cologne’s football is without a doubt one of the most celebrated sports team in all of the land. And the fan base, well you don’t get any more loyal than them. It doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses the fan will always support their team. They are not a crowd to get up and walk out, regardless of the situation. In addition to this, they create an environment in the stadium that creates a presence that can’t be felt anywhere else on earth.

Extremely Well Connected With Other Countries

As you can see, there is already enough about Cologne to see that it has made quite the impact on Germany. However, the city offers endless opportunities to venture into other regions and neighboring countries. This only opens the country of Germany up for more and more tourists, but it brings about many exciting trade investments as well.



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