Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Push Gets Strong Backing

Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Push Gets Strong Backing

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PledgeWhy Marriage Matters Colorado, the broad coalition working to remove discrimination from Colorado’s constitution and secure the freedom to marry for all committed couples, announced Thursday that several key civil rights and community leaders publicly support marriage equality for all Colorado families.

The list of leaders announcing their support for the freedom to marry includes:

  • Former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives and community leader Terrance Carroll
  • State Rep. Rhonda Fields, Speaker Pro Tempore of the Colorado House of Representatives and community leader
  • Moses Brewer, community leader
  • Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Colorado Latino Forum
  • Denver City Councilman and community leader Paul D. López
  • Rosemary Rodriguez, Denver Public School Board member and community leader
  • Scott L. Levin, Mountain States Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League
  • Rabbi Steven Foster and former state Senator Joyce Foster, Jewish community leaders

“Here in Colorado, we continue to fight for full equality for all people,” said former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll. “Gay and lesbian Coloradans are part of our families and our community – they are our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles. Many more are our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Marriage gives committed couples the tools and security to build a life together and protect their families, and no one should be denied that fundamental freedom.”

“Allowing gay and lesbian couples the freedom to marry is about treating people fairly and making families stronger,” said state Representative Rhonda Fields. “If a committed couple here in Colorado wants to build a family through marriage, we should not judge them or stand in their way. That’s why I am proud to join the growing majority of Coloradans – and the majority of African Americans nationwide – who support marriage for all of our families.”

“Through my work on the Denver Public School Board, I have met many same-sex couples and their families who are impacted every day by their inability to marry in our state,” saidDenver Public School Board member and community leader Rosemary Rodriguez. “Parents have expressed the need to protect their children – and without marriage, they do not have access to these protections. It is my duty as a community leader to advocate for these families.”

WMM“Marriage equality is an important issue within the Latino community, as committed same-sex couples try to build a life together and take care of their families,” said Denver City Councilman Paul D. López. “In Colorado, family comes first and we should support a family’s legitimacy, dignity and protections that only legal marriage can ensure.”

Why Marriage Matters Colorado will broaden the dialogue with Coloradans about why marriage is important to same-sex couples and their families and why it is consistent with the values of liberty and freedom. More information on this statewide initiative – which is being spearheaded by leading statewide LGBT advocacy group One Colorado, ACLU of Colorado, and Freedom to Marry – can be found here:



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