Come Out Laughing: The Little Trio That Could

Come Out Laughing: The Little Trio That Could

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Come Out LaughingI recently challenged comedian Dana Goldberg to write the punch line to “A lesbian, a gay and a transsexual walk into a bar…” You’d have to ask her for her punch line, but the correct answer is “and laughter erupted for the next 100 minutes.”

The Come Out Laughing Tour combines gay comedian Jason Dudey, lesbian comedian Dana Goldberg and transsexual comedian Ian Harvie for a night of laughs, “Oh no they didn’t,” and finger pointing at your partner because they reference something they do.

Don’t worry that you have to fall into the LGBTQ category to get the jokes. They are delivered in a way that even our lovely straight allies understand and feel comfortable to laugh along with us.

Ian’s straightforwardness about his journey from female to male and its quirks along the way is not only informative, but hilarious.  Dana talks about all those things every lesbian knows but wouldn’t dare say then Jason rounds off the night with tales of his (much younger) partner.

This trio provided so much funny material my wife referenced their jokes long after leaving the show and will never be able to look at dried fruit or a mushroom the same.  There is no doubt that The Come Out Laughing Tour provides the perfect balance of LGBTQ comedy for a fun night out, whatever your sexual orientation.

Find the trio on the road here: Come Out Laughing Tour.



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