Concierge Travel Unveils LGBT Luxury Cruise

Concierge Travel Unveils LGBT Luxury Cruise

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If you’re looking for a new kind of lesbian cruise, you may want to check into Concierge Travel’s first all-gay luxury sailing ship. The first sail of the liner’s history will take place March 6-13, 2011. Costa Rica and Panama are calling! Are you onboard?
Concierge Travel was founded in Houston, TX in 1997. The fresh company decided to expand their horizons and offer exclusive lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) vacations in 2009. They began their journey by offering an excursion to the Galapagos Islands on the cruise ship Celebrity Xpedition. The cruise sold out.  It proved to the company that there was a great need in the market for intimate, small-ship experiences serving the LGBT community.
“We’ve gotten to know our gay and lesbian guests very well over the last 10 years,” said Kim Gustavsson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Concierge Travel. “We’ve traveled with them and listened to the feedback along the way. More and more of them told us that they wanted more intimate, small-ship cruise options. So we’re very pleased to be able to bring them an unforgettable seven-night adventure on the luxurious Star Flyer.”

He continued, “More and more gay and lesbian travelers are looking for relaxing, intimate and fun vacation options in the company of other like-minded individuals. Our new customized, charter vacations fill a needed niche in the market and give more travelers the special kind of vacation that they’re looking for.”

Concierge Travel was named Houston’s “Gayest & Greatest Travel Agency” by OutSmart Magazine every year from 2002-2010. It was also named “Best LGBT Cruise or Tour Company” in 2010. OutSmart Magazine is an award-winning LGBT magazine in Houston, Texas. The magazine surveys its 60,000 monthly readers and its online readers about the best in gay travel in Texas.



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