Coronation Street: Sophie Cheats on Sian and Marriage Ends in Record Speed

Coronation Street: Sophie Cheats on Sian and Marriage Ends in Record Speed

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It’s Happily Never After for teenage brides Sophie Webster and Sian Powers. The girls, played by Sacha Parkinson, 19, and Brooke Vincent, also 19, were guaranteed to have a magical day for they were soon to be a wedded couple. Not so fast…while at the altar chaos ensues and Sian finds out that Sophie cheated on her. Now I’m not entirely sure how something like, “Oh, by the way I cheated on you,” comes up while you’re getting married but, it’s gonna happen on Corrie. A devastated and angry Sian flees the scene.

Sophie and Sian are all dolled up in matching wedding gowns (can you say tacky?) as Sophie is chasing after her supposed love.  Side note: you don’t cheat on people you love, Sophie, you d-bag. What sucks the most is that the girls were Coronation Street’s first ever same-sex relationship as of last year.  It looks like the two that started it all for the town of Weathersfield won’t be the last, or the act to follow. There are never any happily ever after storylines for the gays on soaps: either the men get beat up, the women turn out to have a secret love child with the men, or some hateful peer pressure tears them apart to the point of no return.

Rumor has it Sacha is leaving the ITV soap in order to pursue other roles, hence the storyline before us. Now, I haven’t really watched Corrie since these two first got together, but I assume Sian will throw a fit and leave town for good. Better yet, she’ll lead Sophie right into the arms of her partner in cheating crime -Amber Killrai, played by Nikki Patel.  Sophie kissed Amber and seems to be having feelings for the girl. Now, I’m no expert in relationships, but don’t you find it completely ridiculous that not only are 17 year olds getting married, but that a 17-year-old popped the question despite her feelings for another woman? I’m sorry, but being married doesn’t stop people from cheating… it just doesn’t work that way. The storyline seems very last-minute and lazy. Can you say one-way ticket to easy street?

I do have to say that I’ll be sad to see Sacha go. No offense to Brooke, but I prefer Sian to Sophie any day. Even from the beginning of these two, I found Sian to be more mature and level-minded for her age. Sophie always seems to play the child in the dramatic relationship role and, yet, I know they are teenagers… I, as an adult, really don’t want to see a relationship unfold that has a participating party as immature as Sophie can be.

Coronation Street won the new Broadcast of the Year award at the Stonewall Awards ceremony because of the gay storyline that is being played out before our eyes. There’s no doubt about it that Corrie has hit some groundbreaking territory with the pairing of Sophie and Sian, but with a conclusion as predictable as this, I’m skeptical that it will leave the Sophian fans satisfied. The only thing I think is safe to say is that I’ll be tuning in again to Coronation Street just to see how this scenario officially unravels. Now, after the wedding…I can’t promise a thing.



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