Countries That the LGBTQ Community Can Safely Visit In Africa

Countries That the LGBTQ Community Can Safely Visit In Africa

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Africa, in general, is a conservative continent. The continent still respects traditions of the old and it generally finds it hard to embrace change. It is for this reason that the majority of African countries see same-sex marriages as taboos punishable by imprisonment or in some cases punishable by death. While many African countries are yet to embrace same-sex marriages, there are some few that recognize as well as embrace the LGBT community. These countries are listed below and any member of the LGBT community in Seattle can safely visit any of these without fear of crossing legal boundaries.

South Africa

South Africa is the most open and liberal country on the African continent. The country has embraced the gay culture for a long time and has even hosted the global International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association’s annual global convention in 2016. In Cape Town and Johannesburg, there are some exclusive clubs for the LGBT community including the trendy Greenpoint’s Waterkant Street which offers the best gay nightlife in all of Africa. Visitors to South Africa can expect to tour various game parks, visit the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town, and spend quality time at the stunning Sun City Resort among other incredible attractions. South Africa’s liberalism extends to all sectors meaning that those who love gambling can do so legally at either land-based casino resorts or online at casinos such as NetBet.


Tanzania is also another country that embraces the gay culture. While the country does not necessarily have exclusive gay clubs or other gay spots such as those in South Africa, the gay community that visits Tanzania can freely move around and visit popular attractions such as Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The Serengeti National Park is also another great attraction in Tanzania. Inside this park are two world heritage sites in Maswa Game Reserve as well as Ngoro Ngoro Conservation Area. The national park also includes the Ikorongo, Grumeti and Loliondo Controlled Areas. When visitors visit Tanzania during the first weeks of the year, they can get to watch the magnificent Great Migration in which over 20 000 zebras and wildebeests trek from the south up north.


Another popular destination of the LGBT community in Africa is Kenya. Just like Tanzania, Kenya does not offer exclusive gay clubs and other gay spots but it wholly embraces the gay culture meaning the LGBT community can freely visit any tourist spots in the country. The most popular tourist spot in the country visited by the gay community is the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve. Visitors to this reserve can expect to see different kinds of wildlife including hippos, cheetahs, black rhinos and lions.


Egypt is the least liberal country on this list. While the country has no problem receiving people who identify themselves as gays or lesbians, it prohibits them from practicing any homosexuality acts. This means no inappropriate touching with another person of the same sex more so if you have identified yourself as gay or lesbian. For those who can spend their trip without engaging in any form of the homosexual act, Egypt is a great place to visit due to its rich history and also the opportunity to see The Great Pyramids of Egypt.



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