Crowds Show for New Delhi Anti-Discrimination March

Crowds Show for New Delhi Anti-Discrimination March

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India's Gay And Lesbian Community Demands End To Discrimination At New Delhi MarchAlmost one thousand gay rights activists carried rainbow flags, balloons and signs that said things like, “Supreme-ly disappointed with the Supreme Court,” and “No Going Back” through central New Delhi to show the government they want an end to LGBT discrimination.

Right now, same-sex relations are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Though the relations were legal, the Indian Supreme Court reversed the law last year.

“Living in India, a democratic country, we feel our rights are being violated as we are not allowed to live as we want,” Rudrani Chettri, a gay man, said.

Many bars in India now have gay nights, the big cities have gay pride parades and some Bollywood films have addressed gay issues, yet most of the country finds being gay shameful.

“The Supreme Court decision has been a disappointment,” gay rights activist Hilol Dutta said. “We have come together to fight. We should win this case and claim our right to live with dignity.”



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