Cupcake Royale Owner Jody Hall Creates PAC to Distribute $7,000 for Marriage Equality

Cupcake Royale Owner Jody Hall Creates PAC to Distribute $7,000 for Marriage Equality

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Cupcake Royale has inspired residents of Washington State to “Legalize Frostitution” for years, but now the decadent dessert company is making news for another type of campaign – marriage equality.

Owner Jody Hall utilized the popularity of her six Washington stores to set up a formal Political Action Committee (PAC) to sell a special cupcake with proceeds benefitting the approval of Referendum 74. The cherubic cupcake was a distinct hit with connoisseurs raising $7,000 in June.

Prior to forming the “Cupcake PAC,” Hall thanked Gov. Chris Gregoire for backing marriage equality by delivering trays of rainbow-themed cupcakes to her office.

Hall said, “I contribute a great deal to our society – by providing amazing cupcakes to our customers, by providing great jobs that come with health care coverage, and by donating over 40,000 cupcakes a year to non-profits. Yet I’m a second class citizen when it comes to my civil rights as an American.  I’m so proud of our governor for standing with the GLBT community in putting forth legislation that may well bring equality to all in our state.”

The verbiage for Referendum 74 reads as such:

This bill would allow same-sex couples to marry, preserve domestic partnerships only for seniors, and preserve the right of clergy or religious organizations to refuse to perform, recognize, or accommodate any marriage ceremony.

Washington State voters will be asked to either “Approve” or “Reject” the bill. Supporters of marriage equality are encouraged to choose the “Approve” option. Opponents are encouraged to select “Reject.”

June was a big month financially for same-sex marriage supporters.  As The Seattle Lesbian reported on July 10: Washington United for Marriage Announces June Fund Raising Total of $952,267.

Among the highlights in the June financial filing:

  • Total online contributions were $219,000, with an average donation of just under $70.
  • 79 percent of overall June donors contributed $100 or less.
  • June brought in 4,282 new donors, bringing the total donor pool to just over 7,300.
  • There were 482 out-of-state donations, totaling $105,587, with the average gift just above $219.
  • House parties across the state brought in $31,552 from friends, neighbors and family members, who gave an average gift of $35.
  • Two significant major donor gifts of $100,000 apiece from Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer.

Primary Washington State same-sex marriage opponent, Preserve Marriage Washington, offered, “In Washington, our ‘everything but marriage’ domestic partnership law not only affords same-sex couples official state recognition of their relationships. [They] are provided full legal equality with married couples.”

Additionally, “Marriage serves a vital and universal societal purpose – to channel biological drive and sexual passion that might otherwise become socially destructive into enduring family units that have the best opportunity to ensure the care and education of any children produced by that biological drive and sexual passion. Indeed, the United States Supreme Court has said that marriage is, ‘fundamental to the very existence and survival of the [human] race.’”

Washington State voters will have the ability to register their opinions on the November 2012 ballot. Voter registration information is available here.



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