Daredevil Dating: Making An Impression Outside of Movies and Coffee

Daredevil Dating: Making An Impression Outside of Movies and Coffee

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The automatic image of what a date involves is becoming quite a stereotypical one. Dinner and a movie. Perhaps coffee and a stroll through the park. These are very romantic gestures and enjoyable, yet doing this for every date can get repetitive. Whether you’ve just started dating and want to show your new partner how much they mean to you, or are looking to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship, there are plenty of fun and daredevil activities perfect for a different and exciting date. Here are some date ideas in Seattle and beyond.

When your other half is not from Seattle 

Let’s get real for a minute. This is the 21st century and not everyone meets their loved one for the first time in person. The world of dating is not always kick-started by hitting it off with someone in a bar or a Hollywood eyes-meeting-across-the-room scenario. The world is going digital, including romance, offering the potential for more diverse relationships and stronger connections in the world. Online dating sites have enjoyed a popularity growth in recent years, and what’s more, you have a better chance of finding someone on sites such as Badoo, as the internet allows you to talk to people from Seattle to New York. However, when you do meet someone from the other side of the country in this way, you have all the more reason to create super dates, so they can see Seattle for the first time. As long as your special someone is not afraid of heights, it’s time to show them the city from above, and take them to top of the famed Space Needle, or perhaps Smith Tower for some historical architecture. You can hold hands while gazing at the Seattle skyline from up high. This isn’t too crazy for a first date too, so provides a nice balance between relaxing and something different.

Now for the adrenaline 

Once you’ve got to know each other, it’s time to let go and just do something wild. Seattle is full of exhilarating things to do that will leave your date on a high. Speaking of which, why not make a diversion outside of Seattle to the iFly center, which offers indoor skydiving experiences. You and your date can hold hands while experiencing a flying sensation. Alternatively, Seattle is surrounded by water, so a boat trip is always on the cards. Gentle cruises are an option, but to work those muscles, you can hire kayaks or sailing boats for something more energetic. The list does not end there. If you like the water, but prefer to stay on land, Alki Beach is a lovely seaside spot to take part in some sporty activities. Volleyball, hiking, biking and beachcombing are all experiences to include in the date. For another kind of treasure hunting, an array of antiques stores are just up the hill in West Seattle if you’re feeling domestic and want to seek out a bargain for your home. In the evening, you can then treat yourself to a meal and a romantic walk along the beach, where bonfires light up the night sky.


Seattle definitely has some varied and exciting dates to offer you. From boat trips and skyscrapers, to skydiving – dating just got awesome.

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