Dartmouth Trustees Approve LGBT Residence Hall

Dartmouth Trustees Approve LGBT Residence Hall

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298-Main5By fall of 2014, a new residence hall for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex and allied students will open at Dartmouth College.

The Triangle House, inspired by the upside-down triangles gay inmates were forced to wear at Nazi concentration camps that became associated with gay pride, will be open to any student interested and committed to learn about the queer community.

The $3.6 million project will be paid for with reserve funs and fundraising, according to Dartmouth spokesman Justin Anderson.

The hall will house 27 students plus an adviser. It will have a communal kitchen, rooms for academic and social activities and various meeting spaces. LGBT and allied students are both welcome to live in the hall, but all must apply.

Right now, a gender-neutral floor in McLane Hall is the only other space for LGBT student living, which isn’t open to freshman. This floor will stay the same, but director of residential education Mike Wooten said he thinks this floor could become “a space where early conversations about gender and identity will take place among students. It could even possibly become a floor for first-year students.”

Alumni are excited about the hall. Caroline Kerr, president of the Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni Association said alumni have worked with Dartmouth administrators to help design the house. Alumni are willing to support the house financially and creatively, like with artwork. Many alumni find this project so exciting because they could have never imagined such a thing when they were students, Kerr said.

“It’s not just about alums willing to write checks, but you’ve also got others who think this is so exciting that I want to contribute something else,” Kerr said. “I think it’s reflective of how meaningful the house is.”

Alysson Satterlund, director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, hopes faculty members will stop by the house and share their expertise with students and have celebrations for events in the gay community.

Construction is expected to begin in October.



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