Depp and Kimmel’s Impromptu Make-Out Session

Depp and Kimmel’s Impromptu Make-Out Session

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Move over Madonna and Britney, Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Depp seem to be following  in your famous make-out footsteps.

While the late night talk show host interviewed the actor, Depp kissed Kimmel three times.

“You know, you have this very handsome, this…let’s be honest and say beautiful–face,” Kimmel said. Apparently that kind of flattery earned a kiss on the cheek.

While a surprised Kimmel giggled uncontrollably, Depp couldn’t resist another smooch, but on the lips this time.

The audience cheered as Kimmel fanned his flustered face, as did Depp.

“I’m done, I’m done,” he said.

While Kimmel tried to get himself together, joking that he lost his train of thought, Depp planted one last, third and final kiss on the host’s lips.

“That’s more kissing than I did in all of high school,” Kimmel said.

“Me too,” replied Depp.

Depp was through with giving out kisses, but Kimmel received another one later that night by Rebecca Romijn who wanted to get in on the kissing action, too.



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