Designer Knock Off Purses: What’s Wrong With Them?

Designer Knock Off Purses: What’s Wrong With Them?

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Occasionally, people find themselves coveting a designer handbag that is out of their price range. In such cases, someone may easily feel that they should buy a knock off purse in a bid to ‘fake it till you make it.’

However, it is better to save your pennies and wait until you have enough money to buy an authentic bag from a reputable seller. You can research online and study more about replica handbags on Mau-fashion’s blog. Numerous issues are surrounded by the making and selling of replica bags.

Here are some reasons why buying one is a bad idea.

1. Legalities Of Knock Off Purses

The first thing you should know is that sellers of fake designer bags are doing it illegally. Counterfeiting is infringing upon the trademarks and copyright rules of designing and branding. Therefore by buying these bags, you are supporting illegal acts.

There are a few factors that have to be met for an item to be deemed as counterfeit. The first is that these products also include a federally registered trademark or something that is substantially distinguishable from another brand’s. This may be a name, a design, symbol, or even the color.

The second is that these counterfeiters are selling without permission from the company to use their trademarks. The counterfeiter intends to create confusion among customers on whether the product they are buying is legit or not. They may make it seem like it is endorsed or connected to the trademark holder.

Because of these acts, counterfeiting has been linked to crimes like drug smuggling, human trafficking, child labor, and terrorism. It contributes to unethical labor behavior and subsidizes organized crime.

2. Child Labor Used For Manufacturing Replica Handbags

Most of these replica handbags, as discussed above, are produced by illegal enterprises and organized crime syndicates. Therefore, they may be made by young children living in deplorable conditions.

By buying such products, you are not only supporting these organizations. You are also contributing to child labor, child abuse, and other crimes like human trafficking.

3. Appearance Of Fake Designer Bags

While these bags have certain aspects that make them look real, they often lack in major areas and therefore feel and look cheap.

They are usually made of lower quality materials, and the dyes are uneven. The general construction and stitching is poor and will not last for long. Thus, if you cannot afford the real thing, do not buy a knockoff handbag.

4. The Authentic Brands Are Affected

When you buy a knock off, you are hurting the designers and manufacturers. They will not get paid for their time and effort in making a high-quality product that will last for years. They often invest a lot of time and creativity in every stitch. Some of these bags are handmade and therefore, time-consuming to protect their designs and logos from being stolen. The costs of these bags will thereby increase. Otherwise, it will become impossible to maintain a team of expensive designers, and manufacturers, resulting in unemployment.

Why You Should Never Buy Replica Handbags

There is more that goes into the production of a knock off purse than just the stitching and drawing of designs. Numerous people benefit from the sale of these replica handbags. It is vital for people to learn to promote other people’s businesses instead of looking for ways to put them out of business.



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