Destination Guide for Gay Dublin LGBTQ Pride 2020

Destination Guide for Gay Dublin LGBTQ Pride 2020

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Dublin, the Irish capital city, is a hot-spot tourist destination attracting millions each year. It is famous for its relaxed vibes, friendly people, food, history, culture, and nightlife. Of course, Dublin is also renowned for hosting Europe’s largest community-driven event, LGBTQ Pride. Next up: Mark this date as 27th June 2020 for the next LGBTQ Pride, Dublin.

In 2015, Ireland legalized same-sex marriage and was the first European country to do so. It was indeed a ground-breaking gender recognition and pride for all LGBT community people. It was the day of celebration for so many community people around the nation. Until now, it’s visible as you’ll find thousands of LGBT community people marching down the down O’Connell Street. It’s the unmissable Pride Parade!

But where to go and what to do? With this Dublin destination guide, let’s discover Gay Dublin LGBTQ Pride 2020.

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Dublin Pride photo
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Let’s find out what to see and do in Dublin during this time.

National Library of Ireland – The National Library of Ireland, located in downtown Dublin is an ideal place for enthusiastic tourists and history lovers alike. It is one of the city’s popular attractions housing a massive collection of artifacts related to the history of the LGBTQ community.

Dublin Castle – The Dublin Castle is by far the city’s recognized historical attractions with a treasure-trove of artifacts to explore. Take a short walk from the National Library of Ireland, and you’ll quickly locate this iconic landmark. Other than getting mesmerized by this building’s dramatic look, you’ll be thrilled knowing its connection with the LGBT community. It is an iconic place where thousands of LGBT community people gathered together in 2015. It was to witness the Nation’s historic declaration of Marriage Equality.

Dublin Writers Museum – Learn about great writers of all times like Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Brendan Behan, and others. Also, learn in details about their contribution to the international literature.

Outhouse – Are you interested in reading LGBTQ literature? Visit Outhouse, where you’ll find an extensive collection of classic LGBTQ literature. There’s a library stocked out with these books, and it’s a cool idea to check them out!

Booze in LGBT Irish Pubs – Do you want to see the city’s gay mood? Visit The George, Shirley Temple Bar, Panti Bar, and others that spread around the city. Booze and dance along with the DJs to enjoy Gay Dublin’s thrilling nightlife.

Additional Questions

Is Dublin pride parade 2020 a free event?

Yes, it’s a 100% free event with no requirement for pre-registration.

Where is the exact location of this event?

In Downtown Dublin City.

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