Diesel Gay Bar in Seattle Faces Controversy Before Opening on Capitol Hill

Diesel Gay Bar in Seattle Faces Controversy Before Opening on Capitol Hill

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There is a new gay bar named Diesel slated to open within the next few months in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and it’s receiving all kinds of press before its opening day as a result of a controversial email sent on behalf of a printing company in nearby Kent, WA.

Mike Reis says he was refused service because Access Printed Media cited in an email that homosexuality is wrong. “The intention was clear, that he meant that because we were homosexuals, he could not support our bar, our business, i.e. the lifestyle we’re projecting.”

The print shop owner claims that he did not send the email and that a part-time employee did the deed. Our friends over at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog published the email and we’ve placed it below for you to read:

Hi guys,

I have some bad news. :/

After careful consideration, my boss has decided that we won’t be able to print for your bar. Not that we’re against homosexuals at all, but becauseknowing that our printed products will be advertising and promoting the kindof lifestyle that goes against our morals is something that he can’t bringhimself to do.

I really apologize. :/ I wish there was another way I could help you guysout. Let me know if there is.

Good luck, and let me know when the opening night party is so all of us at [redacted] can come out and show you our support!


Check out the following video to see more.



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