Disney Removes Gender Designated Labeling in Halloween Store

Disney Removes Gender Designated Labeling in Halloween Store

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cp_iam-halloween-kids_20150817By Alex Temblador, The Next Family

Disney has recently made a move that will satisfy many parents. They’ve removed gender designated labels in their children’s Halloween store.

This new change in the Halloween Costume section has been dubbed as the “I am Awesome” collection, and we agree – this is super awesome! In the past, Disney had labeled children’s Halloween costumes as “Girls Costumes” and “Boys Costumes.” However, with this new change, costumes are now marked “Costumes for Kids” and “Costumes for Baby.” Although there are still “Boys” and “Girls” headers on the site, the “Halloween Costumes” button under these headers take audiences to the same gender neutral Halloween costume section.


Other changes on the site to make Disney more gender neutral have been noted. Under the “Girls” header, “Action Figures” and Star Wars products are being marketed, as is comic book characters like Black Widow from Avengers. Unfortunately, there is nothing similar in the “Boys” header section, though we hope to see more gender neutral inclusion there in the future.

Still, Disney’s major move in the Halloween Costume section is making waves on the internet and being met with excitement and satisfaction from parents.



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