Dude Ranch: Tanque Verde Inclusive To All

Dude Ranch: Tanque Verde Inclusive To All

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Tanque Verde Ranch/Brandy Black
Tanque Verde Ranch/Brandy Black

By Brandy Black, The Next Family

I’ve never been to a Dude Ranch before, but I really wanted our children to get out of the city and experience ranch life so we ventured to Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. I had no idea what to expect except for extremely hot weather in the dead of summer.

The ranch itself is gorgeous and the room was beyond expectation. Lately I’ve had a bone to pick with most hotels/resorts because many aren’t built to accommodate five person families without charging an outrageous amount. Our room had two pull-out Murphy beds and a king bed in our own private room. Heaven!

We spent our days fishing, horseback riding, fiddling on the piano, playing pool in the saloon, and swimming on hot afternoons. The heat wasn’t that bad by the way. Our vacation was dreamy.

Tanque Verde Ranch has a luxury resort  feel with a familial touch. We met Clara for instance, who has been coming for years with her family, she lives in Denmark and knows everyone at the ranch by first name. The ranch has a Legacy Walk just outside of their dining hall where you can get an engraved brick if you stay there 10 times. Many of the staff have watched children grow up over the years and the bricks are their way of giving back to these families. On Thanksgiving, they typically sell out year after year with the same group of people who have now come to know one another. I felt like I was being welcomed to someone’s home on this 640 acre property. And if that’s not enough, they lease 60,000 acres from the U.S Forest Service for their cattle operation.


My kids were tuckered out by the end of each day and did not care or even notice that there were no televisions to be found. Our oldest daughter loved camp and woke each morning at 6 a.m. with a smile on her face excited to ride her new best friend “Slider” on the trails to breakfast. Words cannot describe the picture perfect days we spent on the ranch so I have included a video for you to check out.

Most importantly as a two-mom family, we were welcomed with open arms by the staff and guests alike. Not only was it an amazing place to stay, but it was inclusive to all.



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