Eastside Women’s Health Center Offers Well-Rounded Support for All Families

Eastside Women’s Health Center Offers Well-Rounded Support for All Families

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Eastside Women's Health Center
Eastside Women’s Health Center

Eastside Women’s Health Center (EWHC) is Kirkland’s newest kid on the block! Right off Hwy 405, Eastside Women’s Health Center is a unique one-stop shop for all women’s health needs. Certified Nurse-Midwives, Jennifer Jimenez and Kristina Chamberlain, offer gynecological care, tackle contraceptive needs, problem-focused issues, STI screening, and the drastic hormonal changes of women throughout the lifespan from teens to menopause.

Eastside Women’s Health Center has a comprehensive Family Building Program designed specifically for the LGBTQ community and single parents by choice. Rounding out the Midwifery services, they offer the most complete lactation management that includes milk supply support, correcting tongue-ties with frenotomies, support for multiples and NICU babies, lactation initiation for non-biological parents, and much more.

Cori Dixon is the center’s Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in cranial sacral therapy. She also has expertise in body work for the entire family, and is certified in Mayan Abdominal Massage.

Eastside Women’s Health Center is also the proud home of Kangaroo Massage designed to foster bonding and healing, as shown through NICU studies worldwide.

Finally, Rozlyn Khubiblin is the center’s Acupuncturist/Herbalist who specializes in women’s health with expertise in fertility, conception, pregnancy maintenance, labor enhancement, as well as focuses on issues experienced throughout the lifespan.

This elite team of health care providers works in concert with their clients and collaboratively with each other in order to customize a unique and comprehensive care plan. Eastside Women’s Health Center prides itself on maintaining the highest quality care with cultural sensitivity while interlacing both technology and science to offer a robust holistic approach to our ever-evolving community.



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