Eiffel Tower Stacks on the Rainbow for Mandela

Eiffel Tower Stacks on the Rainbow for Mandela

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Coincidentally, the Eiffel Tower lit up in rainbow colors during the ending celebrations of Bastille Day, though the display was a tribute to Nelson Mandela, not a nod to France’s recent adoption of same-sex marriage legislation, according to authorities.

Bastille Day celebrations ended Sunday with a firework show and the colorful Eiffel Tower. Spectators near the foot of the tower could hear speakers saying: “All living beings – man, woman and child – walk in the same vein; equality. Every human being is a shade of this rainbow palette. For every human, the same opportunities.”

The clear message of equality both pleased and angered the mixed crowd of anti and pro same-sex marriage citizens. However, officials say that the display was in honor of South Africa’s former leader and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela.

France recently adopted same-sex marriage legislation, which has since left the country deeply divided.



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