Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About Expanding Family with Portia and American Idol Disappointment

Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About Expanding Family with Portia and American Idol Disappointment

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Ellen DeGeneres speaks candidly about coming out to her family – and herself – as well as those American Idol kids in the new issue of “Parade” out Sunday. She also discusses expanding her family in her new book, “Seriously I’m kidding.”

Here are a couple of highlights from the Parade interview:

  • If anything, it [being gay] was a shock to me. I’d always known that I had crushes on girls, but I also liked boys – though I wasn’t drawn to them romantically. For me to get in touch with myself enough to recognize that I was gay, and then not to stay private about it was a huge step.
  • It was disappointing to hear things about the kids [on American Idol], the drama going on. Some of them are not as grateful as you would expect. All of a sudden they have fan mail, millions of people saying they’re great, and some of them just stop appreciating it.

Full interview with Ellen here: Parade.com.

In her new book, “Seriously I’m Kidding,” Ellen persists that she and wife Portia de Rossi do not want to have human children, but fur babies are fine.

  • We thought about it [having children]. We love to be around children – after they’ve been fed and bathed. But we ultimately decided that we don’t want children of our own. There is far too much glass in our house!
  • We have two dogs, Mabel and Wolf, and three cats at home, Charlie, George and Chairman. We have two cats on our farm, Tom and Little Sister, two horses, and two mini horses, Hannah and Tricky. We also have two cows, Holy and Madonna. And those are only the animals we let sleep in our bed!



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