Ellen Page Talks ‘Freehold’ and Lesbian Love

Ellen Page Talks ‘Freehold’ and Lesbian Love

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3919971245_42720c6fae_Ellen-PAgeEllen Page is in the midst of starring in and producing Freehold, an adaptation of the 2007 documentary Freeheld: The Laurel Hester Story, about the terminally ill woman and her partner, Stacie Andree, who is fighting to keep pension benefits. Page, who will play Andree, with Julianne Moore playing Hester, spent time in the real couples’ home in New Jersey to prepare for the role.

“I’m grateful to tell the story, but you wish the movie didn’t exist,” Page said. “They rose to the occasion, while obviously being in unimaginably tragic circumstances.”

Page said she watched the original documentary and has been trying to work her adaption along with her manager Kelly Bush since.

“It’s always tough trying to finance an independent film, particularly when it’s about two women,” Page said. “There’s this awful bias that women can’t carry films, which is being proven not true. Hopefully that will start to change.”

Last October, Moore and Page were banned from shooting lesbian love scenes inside a Catholic boys’ school in New Rochelle, New York “because of the subject matter.”

“Religion to justify bigotry makes me sad,” Page tweeted at the time. “Sending my support 2 the LGBT students at the school who I hope r able 2 find acceptance.”

The movie opens with Lionsgate on October 2 with limited release and will go wide on October 16.

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