Ellen’s ‘One Big Happy’ Picked Up by NBC

Ellen’s ‘One Big Happy’ Picked Up by NBC

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OneBigHappyNBC’s picked up One Big Happy, marking it as the third year in a row the network has picked up an LGBT-themed show.

Though Sean Saves the World got cancelled, hopefully the new comedy, produced by Ellen DeGeneres, Liz Feldman and Scott Ellis (2 Broke Girls) will stay afloat.

The show will feature Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert) as a type-A lesbian and her best friend Luke (Nick Zano) as a laid back straight friend. Because their parents both got divorces when they were kids, they have been extremely close for years.

Now that the two are both older and single, they decide to go to a doctor and inject Lizzy with Luke’s sperm to make a baby. However, after a failed attempt, the two go to a bar and Luke meets Prudence (Kelly Brook). Though Lizzy is weary of the British girl who’s going back to England in a few days, Luke starts to fall for her.

Lizzy learns she is finally pregnant just as Luke tells her he and Prudence decided to get married.

Before showing the pilot, DeGeneres warmed up the crowd of NBC advertisers.

“Ellen did, I’d say about 10 minutes to warming up the crowd,” Zano said. “We hear Ellen doing standup and the crowd roaring and we’re like, ‘Damn…I hope we’re as funny as that. She set the bar high and we just had to come close to matching it.”

Cuthbert just hopes to make DeGeneres proud.

“I’m playing a lesbian,” she said. “And she is the coolest lesbian on the planet.”



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