Eminem: I’m A Homosexual in ‘The Interview’

Eminem: I’m A Homosexual in ‘The Interview’

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Rapper Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, has tried to remedy his homophobic lyrics by taking a stand in support of the LGBT community and even doing a performance with Elton John at the Grammy Awards, though thus far nothing has seemed to work. However, in the new movie The Interview, Eminem admits he’s gay to James Franco’s character.

“I’ve pretty much just been leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness,” Eminem tells Franco in The Interview.

According to a source, giving Eminem the part of a gay man was director Evan Goldman’s idea.

“But with Seth Rogen’s help, they got it all figured out and OK’s by Eminem,” a source said. “They all thought it was brilliant and hilarious. Evan was the one who opened the door on discussions, though, after the idea was hatched.”

During the scene, Eminem casually comes out of the closet, adding people think his lyrics are homophobic but he only says them because he’s gay, to which, Franco and his producer in the movie, Seth Rogen, are shocked by.

“Let’s just back it up a moment,” Franco says. “You just said…that you were…gay. Uhm, and I’m just curious what you meant by that, exactly.”

“I like men,” Eminem responds.

“I’m a little confused here because gay can mean a lot of different things,” Franco says.

“I’m homosexual,” says Eminem.

The Interview is out now.



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