England’s Arsenal Ladies Soccer Couple Expecting Twins

England’s Arsenal Ladies Soccer Couple Expecting Twins

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Photo: David Bebber/The Times UK News

England’s Arsenal Ladies soccer defender Casey Stoney and her partner Megan Harris are expecting twins.

“We have been planning this for a while and I just wanted people to know who I really was and what I was before we took the next step of having a family together. Now it is close to becoming a reality, it will be the most amazing moment of my life,” Stoney said.

Stoney came out last February because she and Harris were planning a family.

“Until last season my partner, Megan Harris, was a footballer and we played together at Lincoln Ladies, but her desire to be a mum far outweighed her ambitions in football so she is the one who is pregnant,” she said. “She is still involved in the game but just not playing, so it wasn’t that hard for us to decide who the carrier was going to be.”

However, the news of twins took them by surprise.

“I’m not going to lie, learning we were going to have twins came as a bit of a shock,” Stoney said.

The babies were conceived by IVF treatment and are due in November.

“When we had the first scan, the nurse told us Megan was pregnant and then 20 seconds later said ‘with twins.’”

Harris posted a photo online with the caption, “So this is the most exciting news ever…and the two reasons why [I’ve] not kicked a ball around this season #twins.”



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