Enter to Win the Reissue of George Michael’s ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1’

Enter to Win the Reissue of George Michael’s ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1’

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George Michael
George Michael

Enter to win the reissue of late George Michael’s iconic album, Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1!

“Fantasy,” a reworked single by George Michael featuring Nile Rodgers is currently available to stream and is on A-list rotation on BBC Radio 2. Preview the video for “Fantasy” below.

Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was George’s second solo album. Arranged, produced and almost completely written by George himself, it eloquently confirmed him as a pioneering, agenda-setting artist.

The staggering success of George’s first solo album Faith resulted in him becoming one of the few artists who could shift millions of albums worldwide.  This, of course, was a dream scenario for the label, but George had different plans.  Unable and unwilling to be a 24-hour pop star, constantly in the media spotlight, George felt he needed to follow his artistic instincts regarding how his work should be presented. He decided he would not appear on Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’s album cover or be available to physically promote the album beyond select interviews, but instead gave the label the David Fincher-directed Freedom! ‘90, which featured five of the most recognizable beauties on the planet, lip-syncing in place of George. This resulted in a difference in opinion between George and the label over how the album was promoted.



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