Enticing A New Generation to Las Vegas

Enticing A New Generation to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s new series of advertisements “Only Vegas Moments” features a women’s love story in “Now & Then,” which started airing May 22.
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s new series of advertisements “Only Vegas Moments” features a women’s love story in “Now & Then,” which started airing May 22.

A Whole New Series of Ads, Many Featuring Women, Enticing A New Generation to Las Vegas Hit TV Screens This Week. Have You Seen Them?

Move over “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” the message that ricocheted into American culture may never go away, but it’s a whole new world.

Just in time for summer vacation, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority rolled out its new “Only Vegas Moments” series of national TV ads on the four major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — and several cable stations May 22.

The ads are a breath of fresh air featuring diverse storylines, many which feature women, including a touching story about two women’s Las Vegas love story ending with a wedding in Las Vegas titled “Now & Then.”

“Las Vegas’ release of ‘Only Vegas Moments’ is a cutting-edge approach to create culturally relevant global tourism,” John Tanzella, president and CEO of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, said in the May 22 news release from the LCVCA. “’Now & Then’ is a perfect example of the inclusive environment that awaits all travelers in the destination.”

The ad also goes along with MGM Resorts International’s new collection of reimagined wedding songs for the LGBTQI community, “Universal Love.”

“‘Universal Love’ provides same-sex couples a soundtrack for their love stories featuring songs by Bob Dylan and St. Vincent among other artists.

The collection is available on all streaming platforms,” according to the LVCVA’s May 16 news release announcing a series of LGBTQI events and happenings in Las Vegas this summer and fall.

Other moments captured in the ads include, “Party of One,” about a single mother enjoying a break; “The Anniversary,” about a married couple rekindling their romance; and “The Meetup,” about a black businessman pretending to be a high-roller vying for a woman’s attention, according to Tuesday’s release from the LVCVA.

“The introduction of ‘Only Vegas Moments’ celebrates the long-standing promise of adult freedom in Las Vegas by embracing contemporary storylines that are relatable to a wide range of potential visitors,” said Cathy Tull, chief marketing officer for the LVCVA, in a news release Tuesday. “Through authentic and empowering experiences, the new stories highlight Las Vegas as a destination where being whomever you want is not just allowed but encouraged.”

The ads were cut from a series of short YouTube movies about “adult freedom” were produced by Las Vegas-based R&R Partners, the authority’s advertising consultant, reported Review Journal.

The production cost of the ads wasn’t disclosed.

The new series doesn’t signal the end of “What happens here, stays here,” CEO and P&R Partners Billy Vassiliadis told the Journal, but the “new themes are expected to resonate with a different audience.”

“The essence of ‘What happens here, stays here’ is adult freedom and empowerment,” Vassiliadis told the Journal. “It always has been about adult freedom and that is expressed through choice, self-determination, defining one’s own experience or what they’re seeing in an experience and that’s been the campaign.”

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