Evan Rachel Wood Discusses Bisexuality, Defends Amber Heard

Evan Rachel Wood Discusses Bisexuality, Defends Amber Heard

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Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page/Twitter
Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page/Twitter

After coming out as bisexual in 2012, actress Evan Rachel Wood still feels that bisexuals are invisible.

“I think because we’re usually erased, people just don’t have the information,” Wood said in an interview with Motto, responding to why people still don’t understand bisexuality. “Erasure is causing people harm and diminishing self-esteem and putting people in harm’s way. I want people to know that it’s ok, [bisexuality] is valid, and their stories matter.”
Wood thinks people can start change their outlook on bisexuality with more people sharing their stories.
“It’s time to be vulnerable and honest and to not be ashamed,” Wood said. “For so long, I was ashamed. You’re dealing with the shame that the world has imposed upon you and then on top of that the shame of identifying that way. You’re totally looked down upon in an out of the LGBT community. A good way to combat that and the stereotypes is to be vocal.”
For Pride month, Wood created a video sharing her coming out story as well as the misconceptions about bisexuality. She said that when reading about the health stats, she was surprised to find there were others like her.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, it isn’t just me.’” Wood said. “My experience [coming out] was such a self-esteem issue. You’re made to feel so small…I thought, ‘Am I crazy for wanting to put this out there?’ But the response has been amazing and people have been really kind and understanding. I’ve heard from so many people that identified as bi. I was really moved to see that so many could relate to what I said. It validates that it’s a universal feeling.”
Wood said that people associate bisexuality with deviant behavior… “and it’s bulls—t!”
Wood also came to the defense of her friend who is also openly bisexual, Amber Heard. Heard was put under the spotlight after filing for divorce from Johnny Depp in May and filing a domestic violence restraining against him a week later. Her sexual orientation was a major part of headlines instead of the domestic abuse.
“[Bisexuality is] just here for headlines and it does not help the problem,” Wood said about why people have been perceiving Heard in a negative way. “Especially because when people refer to [Heard] they did’d use that word until it was necessary. It was an easy target and it was unfair.”
In her newest film, Into the Forest, Woods plays sister in a female-led film with Ellen Page. When asked why people seem to have a problem with female-led films such as the new Ghostbusters movie, Wood said she doesn’t think they do.
“We just have to give people a chance and give these films a chance and let the audience decide,” Wood said. “Stop assuming that men are things incapable of empathy. It’s almost insulting to men!”
However, Woods did say that the wage gap between men and women in Hollywood is a very real thing.
“I’ve dated and was married to an actor, and there was transparency there in our salaries,” Wood said. “It was staggering, the difference. Even with people I feel like I’m on par with, the difference is miles away from each other.”
Into the Forest comes out July 22.



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