The Evolution of the Online Dating Sphere

The Evolution of the Online Dating Sphere

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SourceThe internet has redefined all facets of life, including romantic relationships. Searching for a potential partner online is a practice that is now common among men and women of any age. Because of this, several dating sites and apps have popped up and are doing their best to attract more people to sign up for either a free of premium membership.

Today, online dating websites execute a variety of marketing gimmicks. They featured different themes, niches, and special services. People who want to go virtual dating just needs to choose which site catches their fancy.

But, it was not always this way. Years ago, the virtual dating sphere was different and each country saw how online dating evolved into what it is today.

Online Dating in the USA

Ten years ago, online dating was considered to be the virtual place where losers and hopeless romantics flocked. It was deemed as the last resort of people who couldn’t find love normally.

But, according to a study by psychologist Harry Reis, Americans were slowly able to realize that online dating is actually a really good way to meet new people. It is a whole lot similar to regular dating because you cannot build a relationship solely through instant messages and pictures. You will still need to go out, get to know each other, and try to enjoy each other’s company. They also realized that knowing the background of a person before going on a date would save loads of money and time. Nobody likes wasting dates with people they don’t like. So, more people tried it and the stigma started to disappear.

As this happened, dating websites also started to change. Early dating websites were like a huge directory of single people who are ready to find love, so all you have to do was sit in front of your desktop, browse, and send a few messages.

Later on, these websites started to have matching systems, which analyzes your information, interests, and preferences, and presents you with a narrowed list of potential partners based on your taste.

Today, the widespread use of mobile devices paved the way for dating apps to be born. New features – such as game-like interactions and geo-specific searching – were incorporated into the apps and made the experience easier and more fun for everyone.

Online Dating in Asia

The evolution of dating sites in America were basically the same in Asia. But, there is a difference on how the changes and technological advancements affected people.

Asian women were always among the favorites in the online dating world. Specifically, Filipina, Indian, and Thai dating sites were among those which always had the highest number of the most active members. Asians were beautiful, charming, caring, and would make great wives. In early dating websites, they are the race that would get a lot of messages. However, it was a real struggle for men.

According to the stories of men who tried virtual dating, Asian men were stereotyped as men who lacked masculinity and are often considered to be less attractive.

Thankfully, Asian dating websites started to incorporate comprehensive profile pages, where men can showcase their personality better. As matchmaking systems use the information on profile pages, Asian men started to get more attention. Women with the same interests as them would find them and start a conversation. Then, they build the relationship from there.

Online dating in Europe

Europeans have always advertised themselves whenever they are looking for love. Looking back at their history, we would see that they got married at a very young age and being unmarried during the age of 21 was frowned upon. So, they had to find a quick way to find a partner. It started with posting newspaper ads which gave details about a certain individual. Eventually, with the rise of technology and the Internet, Europeans stared advertising themselves online.

Although the practice of early marriage is not widespread anymore, Europeans still look at online dating as a great way to find their soulmate. Several dating sites were introduced over the years and people are supporting its growth to this day. In fact, statistics show that almost 20 million Brits log on to different online dating sites every month and the industry is worth over £2 billion.

The Takeaway

Clearly, the evolution of online dating is not yet over. A lot of companies are still working on ways to make the virtual dating experience more fun, exciting, and helpful. We can expect a surge in the number of people who use online dating sites and hopefully, this will also translate to more happy married couples.



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