Exclusive: Anyone But Me Star Nicole Pacent

Exclusive: Anyone But Me Star Nicole Pacent

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The Seattle Lesbian sent over a few questions to the ladies over at the popular web series Anyone But Me and received some really interesting – and entertaining – responses. Every Monday, we will be featuring a new cast member. We start today with Nicole Pacent!

Cast member name: Nicole Pacent

Silly Nicknames: Nix, Short Stuff, Shawty, Curly, The Professor, and Flo

Anyone But Me [ABM] will be premiering its third season in spring 2011. How do you feel about the show’s success? Each new bit of recognition or praise the show receives is exciting and flattering. [It] serves as a reminder that we have created something worth that recognition and praise. I believe strongly in ABM‘s message and the fan response alone has proven countless times over that the show is making a difference in people’s lives. I really appreciate when we receive critical publicity and praise because it’s so important that the shows stays alive. It’s funny because I take so much pride in being a part of ABM, but I take very little credit at all for its success, so when these awards and such come up, I am first and foremost just happy for Tina Cesa Ward, our writer/director, and Susan Miller, our writer/producer, and everyone on the production side of things that have poured so much time and energy into creating and getting ABM out there.  

Anyone But Me was selected for the upcoming 5th Annual Independent Television Festival. Congratulations! How did you ladies celebrate the news? Keep it clean! Thank you for the congrats! It was exciting, indeed. I wish there was actually a mischievous story behind our celebration but, as I recall, we remained rather low-key over those few days. It was fun for me because Tina [Cesa Ward], Susan [Miller], and Rach [Rachael Hip-Flores] came to my neck of the woods [L.A.], and it’s always great to reunite with them. But other than sharing a few drinks with fellow web series pioneers at the opening party, having some wine and veggie dogs at our producer, PJ’s, adorable place in Santa Monica one evening, and making a single late-night trip to Jack in the Box (all Rach– I just provided directions), we kept it pretty low key. (As you may have noticed, we ABMers like to center ourcelebrations purely around that which is edible.)

Bound named you the next Angelina Jolie. How did that feel? Thank you so much. It was, in fact, such an incredible honor that it may have actually entered the  realm of the absurd, haha. But, hey, who am I to deny anyone the joy of hyperbolizing? In the interview, Merryn Johns asked how I felt about all the comparisons to Angelina Jolie, and I told her that it’s obviously always a huge compliment, as Angelina is an impossibly beautiful woman (in truth, I usually respond to people with, ‘Yeah, the shorter, stockier version, but thank you!!’), but I said that it never occurs to me that people are making the comparison based on anything beyond our physical appearances. I mean, they couldn’t possibly be finding any likeness between our acting styles or abilities or anything– could they? The ‘could they?’ part only really started occurring in my brain after Bound hit the stands and I saw “The Next Angelina Jolie” headline right there under my name. I had no idea that was going to be the headline, but there it was [staring at me]. It’s pretty crazy. And, damn, will I be a lucky girl if I end up having as successful a career as hers and have the opportunities that she’s had. That being said, I am my own person and my own actor. I think there are similarities and differences between us in terms of our styles and ‘types’ we play and all of that. I could go on for days about where I see myself in this whole industry, but I will spare you. In short, I don’t think I could ever really tire of being compared to a beautiful, talented, magnetic, hardworking actress. No one could– could they?

What advice could you give to young women hoping to start their own web series? Oh, I don’t even know where to begin, but the first things that come to mind are the following:

  • Get a good, hardworking group of people together who share your vision, are just as committed to the project as you are and who will be willing to stick it out with you through the inevitable financial bumps in the road.
  • Rewind a few decades and be born as a trust fund baby.

What would your fans be surprised to know about you? Well, I’m not even sure, as there’s really kind of a lot about me out on the web now. I’d be hard-pressed to think of many things of interest that I haven’t spoken about in some capacity in interviews and such. I guess I’ll just go totally random here:

  • I love my close girlfriends, but I tend to get along better with guys on the whole. Easier. Less drama. Don’t tend to take themselves too seriously. In some (certainly not all, but some) ways, I actually think more like a guy than I do a girl, so I appreciate the understanding from guys. And conversely, when I’m thinking very much like a girl, I appreciate the yin yang aspect of hanging around a guy. Perhaps this also explains why the majority of my close girlfriends are gay…
  • Chocolate over vanilla. Summer over winter. South Park over Family Guy. Sam Ro over Lindsay Lo. New York Magazine over The New Yorker. Yankees over Mets. Cats vs. dogs – draw.

Would you mind sharing your personal coming out story and any advice you may have for others currently going through the process? In summary: field hockey camp – girl counselor I thought was a cute guy, but then realized was a cute girl with a shaved head – was still very much attracted to her post-realization – identity crisis – Fin. The actual process that ensued after my initial realization was thanks in large part to my becoming close with other gay/bi kids around me. That fall after field hockey camp, I became much more entrenched in the theater department at my high school and, in doing so, met several happy, well-adjusted, all-around wonderful peers who identified outside of the “straight” norm. Just by being who they were, these friends showed me that it was okay to explore and come to terms with my own sexuality and that I wasn’t alone throughout the whole thing. Without that connection to them, without their positive example, I think the process of my coming out and accepting myself would have been a lot longer and more painful. So my advice to anyone questioning his or her own sexuality is to find a support system of people in the queer community. It’s incredibly important. If your school has one, check out the Gay-Straight Alliance-type club, or maybe volunteer in the theater department (not to stereotype, but let’s be real – there tend to be a lot of gays in the arts – and it’s glorious – so the arts department ain’t a bad place to look). Or, if you’re uncomfortable making these connections within your school community, look for groups at neighboring schools or in neighboring towns. I had friends who used to go to gay youth group meetings 45 minutes away from our town, and it really helped them. So yeah, do your research because fellow queer people are absolutely around you (I mean, 1 in 10 people are gay, so how could someone like you not be within your reach??). And believe me, this community is an incredibly tight and supportive one, so you will find those who can relate and want to help.

Let’s Play a Game of Favorites

Favorite Pizza Topping: Mushrooms

Favorite Indigo Girls Song: Either “Ghost,” or “Love Will Come to You”

Favorite Place to Chill: My best friend’s house in our hometown 

Favorite City of All-Time: Amsterdam

Favorite L Word Character:“Shane”

Favorite Lesbian Film: If These Walls Could Talk 2

Favorite Breakfast Spot: LA – Thyme Cafe; NYC – Cafe Pick-Me-Up, and/or Orlin

Favorite Dream You’ve Ever Had: The one where I was a flying vampire. I mean, ’nuff said.

Check back next Monday for our next exclusive Anyone But Me cast feature!



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