Exclusive Interview: Luciana on Hollywood and High Heels

Exclusive Interview: Luciana on Hollywood and High Heels

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Electrifying UK singer-songwriter Luciana Caporaso is not afraid to run after a tow truck in West Hollywood while donning high heels. The 33-year-old Interscope Records artist may be a newcomer to Los Angeles, CA, but she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. She’s found her new home in the City of Angels and wholeheartedly basks in every drop of the salty-sweet sunshine mecca.

Lucianna will be performing at Club Skirts The Dinah in Palm Springs, CA on Saturday, April 2, 2011 during The Hollywood Party. We caught up with her to chat about the exclusive all-ladies event and what partygoers might expect when they see her on the stage…with the heels on…maybe not running after a tow truck…

Hello gorgeous! How are you? I am feeling fabulous!

Tell us about The Dinah and your new life in the U.S. First of all, I am absolutely psyched about doing this gig [The Dinah]. I don’t think I am going to want to leave. It’s true! It’s just going to be amazing. I have a lot going on right now in life. I just moved to L.A. literally about four days ago.  I am just sort of finding my feet over here. The sun is just making me very, very happy. I love London – I absolutely love London, but the sun here in L.A. is just ridiculous so I love that. I’m busy working on the new album.

What has been the biggest adjustment in L.A. for you? I can’t say there’s anything! I will say that I went to West Hollywood to have one drink the other day and I had very high heels on. When I came around the corner afterward, I saw my car being towed away. You really have to know exactly where you’re parking in L.A. That is the only thing I have had to really get used to.  In London, driving is really difficult anyways. I think I am adjusting really well. In England, right about five o’clock at night you tend to just settle in for the night because it’s so cold and no one really goes outside of the house.

A little bit different than the evenings in L.A., right?   Over here, it’s just lucky because you’ve got the light outside all day. Everyone is really outdoorsy and they all wave and say, “Hey!” in England, we’re all a little bit cold and pissed off! So, apart from the citation and seven inch heels and me running after the tow truck…I looked fabulous, but I wasn’t fast enough!

Were you freaking out? I was crying! My friend was reading the message to me and was saying, “All right. Okay. So, they take your car away to auction if you don’t collect it within 24 hours.” So I was thinking, “I just bought this car and now it’s going to be crushed!” I was crying like a baby. But I am back in the car now driving so everything is good again. The heels are in the closet now.

Will you be taking them back out for The Dinah when you perform? Maybe! I’ve got a lot of good gay friends who are so loyal and fabulous over the years. They support me in everything I do. I’ve got a lot of love and I’m feeling the love being over here [in L.A.]. I’m feeling very lucky to be doing this. I am really looking forward to The Dinah. It will be a blast!

The energy is really great at The Dinah! You’ll love it. I am really excited. I can’t wait. It’s going to be fabulous! It’s in April so I just need to keep running and jogging [laughs] to keep in shape for the stage now! It’s gonna be great. The single is coming out soon so hopefully by then, “I’m Still Hot” will be hotter than hot, baby!

“I Like That” is already a hit on the charts. How are you dealing with all of this new popularity? Has it changed your life at all? The only difference is really that now I am signed to Interscope so I have the opportunity to work on more things, obviously. That is how it’s changed my life. I am getting more gigs in America and I’m able to work here. As a result, my quality of life is better because that is how it goes. The song is just coming out in England now and it’s just starting to happen. It already went No. 2 in Australia, so that is great. They really like it in Russia! The popularity is different in different territories, but America is now my home and I can just walk down the street and be myself. I can walk down the street in my jeans gear so I haven’t changed that much!

What will you do if that suddenly changes and you become an overnight sensation being recognized everywhere?  You know, what I might do is just walk down the street with a big, blonde, curly wig on. I’ll just call myself Sherry or something. People will ask, “Luciana?” and I will say, “No, I’m sorry. I’m Sherry.”

Speaking of names, Luciana is a beautiful one! Thank you. I was supposed to be a boy! So that is why they call me Luciana. I was supposed to be called Luciano, but then I popped out and they began calling me Luciana.

Well, we are all happy to be getting to know your name!



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