Exclusive Interview: Singer-Songwriter Lucy Schwartz

Exclusive Interview: Singer-Songwriter Lucy Schwartz

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L.A.-based uber-talented singer/songwriter Lucy Schwartz has written music for the likes of Shrek Forever and The Women (starring Meg Ryan). Mix in a tour with The Weepies and Lilith Fair, and you’ve scored yourself one talented 20-year-old superstar.

Schwartz is in town tonight to sing at The Vera Project. I caught up with the stunning songstress to find out what she’s been up to since her last visit to the Emerald City.

There is a rumor that Dave Matthews was at your show the last time you were in Seattle. Tell us about that.

Dave Matthews bought the record and actually said hello to me and I didn’t even know it was him! I was in Seattle last month at Crocodile Café and performed with The Weepies.

Wow! What a great experience! Do you enjoy stopping in Seattle when you’re on tour?

Seattle is one of those towns that we get to go to and hang around a little bit. We went to Pike Place Market and saw the flying fish. I’m actually a vegetarian but I find it fun watching them throw the dead carcasses.

Just so that you’re aware, if Dave Matthews was at your concert last time, he might be there again this time. You never know!

I know! Who knows!

How does it feel to have that much pressure on you? Knowing that someone famous like Dave Matthews might be in the audience?

I didn’t even know he was there at the time…even when I was talking to him! I usually get nervous before shows, but when I get on the stage, I’m less nervous, I think. It’s easier when you’re performing in front of an audience you do not know.

You’ve been traveling quite a bit. Where have you gone on tour lately?

I’m heading now to a show in New York and The Weepies and I [recently] went up and down the coast on tour as well. I also did the Lilith tour last past summer with Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow.

Photo By Staff Photographer Stephanie Brusig We chatted before you embarked on the tour and I know you were super-excited about it! How was Lilith Fair?        

Yeah, it was very surreal! At the very end of the show, we all sang a song together on the big stage at Lilith Fair. I just felt like I was in a dream or something. Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat were next to me. It was so surreal!

Are you looking forward to anything big in 2011?

Well, the new record Life in Letters just came out and I’m very excited about that. We also have a music video [“Graveyard”] out that was choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Sonya Tayeh. I’m ready to start writing for the new record now!



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