Exclusive: Lauren Jackson Shares Her Support for Marriage Equality on Pride Weekend

Exclusive: Lauren Jackson Shares Her Support for Marriage Equality on Pride Weekend

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Lauren Jackson - Swin Cash/Photo: S. Brusig

The Seattle Lesbian was invited into the locker room following the Seattle Storm’s win against the Minnesota Lynx at the Pride Game last night (65-55).  While Sue Bird was fielding questions from reporters with large boom mics in her face and Le’coe Willingham was busy icing her knee, the announcement about marriage equality passing in New York was yelled out loudly with a swift, “They passed marriage in New York!” and a high-five from Lauren Jackson ensued.

Not one to normally pry into someone’s personal life, the positive uproar led me to consider asking the WNBA MVP a question about Pride and marriage equality. I kept it pretty straightforward (pardon the pun) and simple and asked, “Lauren, if you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts on marriage equality and Pride considering this is Pride Game night in Seattle and marriage equality just passed in New York?”

Jackson replied, “I feel great. I feel really proud…for humanity and for equality. It’s something [gay marriage] that has never been attainable because of the church and everything. I think we are headed in the right direction for humanity and treating all people equally, without regard to sexuality and other things. I think that we should never feel less than what we should. I feel like this [passing marriage in New York] was an amazing thing and I am very proud to be in America right now.”

The 6’5” Australian native is currently on hiatus from the game due to a labral tear injury.



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