Express Connection Between The Waterfront and Downtown Seattle Launches

Express Connection Between The Waterfront and Downtown Seattle Launches

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trolley2Getting to and from the beloved Seattle Waterfront has been simplified this summer! Seattle’s one and only Emerald City Trolley has announced the launch of an all-new addition to its transportation offerings, the Seattle Waterfront Connex. This service will loop Seattle’s downtown core with 11 stops between the Waterfront, the Washington State Convention Center, Westlake Center, and more.

The Connex transit-style vehicles will be marked with the iconic trolley colors of green and yellow. The service is scheduled to run approximately every 45 minutes between 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week through September 30.

Seattle Waterfront Connex is a privately funded, public-private collaboration aimed at filling a gap in current public transportation options.

“We are excited to be able to offer a new transportation option to commuters and waterfront visitors looking to make the east-to-west connection from downtown Seattle and the Waterfront with greater ease,” Maura Hoss, VP of Product Development and Marketing with Seattle Waterfront Connex and the Emerald City Trolley comments. “While the Emerald City Trolley tour experience offers tourists a hop-on-hop-off opportunity to visit various attractions around our city, Seattle Waterfront Connex is strictly a commuter service aimed at connecting the Waterfront to the downtown Seattle core. The Connex service runs earlier and later than the Trolley as well, and it fills an additional transportation need for employees of the waterfront, commuters from the ferry system, cruise passengers, and then some. We sincerely hope all riders will find this to be a viable way to move more easily between downtown Seattle and the Waterfront.”


Seattle Waterfront Connex will make pick-up and drop-off stops at:

  • Nordstrom/Pacific Place
  • Westlake Center (west side of Westlake Park)

  • 4th Avenue / Lenora

  • Wall Street (west of Elliott)

  • Pier 66 / Bell Harbor

  • Pier 59 / Seattle Aquarium

  • Pier 55 / Argosy Cruises

  • Colman Dock

  • Marion / 5th Avenue

  • 6th Avenue / University

  • Convention Center (in load zone on 8th, between Pike and Pine)

For a complete look at the schedule, full route loop, to buy a ticket or a pass, visit



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