Facing Childhood Cancer As a Same-Sex Couple

Facing Childhood Cancer As a Same-Sex Couple

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7174329596_7631db7b4d_parental-leaveSame-sex couple of children who have been adopted, fostered or naturally conceived are routinely asked invasive questions at almost every injunction. You might be asked what your relationship is to your child when you and your significant other register them for school. Although you may be used to the curious and somewhat crass behavior of others by now, there is little that can help you to cope with the difficulties many same-sex couples face when helping their children go through cancer treatment. One place to look for help is the Cancer Research Fund, which helps children from all familial backgrounds gain access to state-of-the-art cancer treatments in caring, judgment-free facilities. By taking your child to a place that puts more focus on adolescents rather than their parents, you can look forward to future years with your child.

Getting an Accurate Diagnosis for Cancer in Adolescents

What you may have thought was an innocuous cough or growing pains may really be the early stages of cancer in your child. Sometimes, extensive testing is needed to positively diagnose cancer in children. Most pediatric clinics don’t have the means of diagnosing cancer, so get to an oncologist who specializes in childhood cancer.

Health Insurance Caps on Cancer Treatments

Having a health insurance plan that covers up to $1 million in health care costs per year may seem generous until you have a child who is diagnosed with cancer. Many adolescent cancer treatments are expensive and if your insurance gets maxed out, then you have to pay all medical costs out of your own paycheck. One hospital stay can cost over $250,000, especially if your child has been receiving chemotherapy or needed a procedure to remove a cancerous growth. Charities and organizations, such as the Cancer Research Fund, help parents to offset expensive medical bills when their children need treatment and their lives hang in the balance.

What to Do What Your Employer Lacks Empathy

You can plan cancer treatment for your child that will be least likely to interfere with schooling as well as your job, but recovery is always unpredictable. If your child ends up needing emergency care at 4 o’clock in the morning, no one would hold it against you if you called out from work for the remainder of the week – except for an unsympathetic employer. Many parents work in at-will employment States, which means that bosses don’t have to provide a reason for termination. In fact, some employers will cite things such as job performance or attitude rather than risk having a former employer make accusations of discrimination, especially in the case of a same-sex couple who is caring for a cancer stricken child.

Couples made up of two moms, two dads or parents who identify as being transgender deal with many of the same things as heterosexual couples who have children undergoing cancer treatment. Sometimes, reality will be completely unbearable, which is why the parents of a child with cancer need an abundance of support. One day your child’s battle with cancer will be over, but you have to be strong so that you can support your child in the present.



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