Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils Express Marriage Equality Support

Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils Express Marriage Equality Support

Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils

The Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils (FABC) has publicly expressed their support of marriage equality. The FABC wrote on their website:

The FABC has recently submitted a written submission on the subject of Marriage Equality which was drafted by Ajahn Brahm of Bodhinyana Monastery (WA). Subsequently the FABC was invited to a parliamentary consultation on this topic. We were represented by Ajahn Sujato of Santi Forest Monastery on 13 April 2012 at NSW Parliament. The discussion was part of an ongoing series of consultations on a proposed revision of the Marriage Act under consideration by Federal House of Representatives.

The Jewish (Progressive) and Hindu representatives supported changes to support same sex marriages as did our Ajahn Sujato.

Brahm wrote in the letter (unedited):

Marriage was not always a religious ceremony. Well before Christianity and Islam appeared, and independent of any Jewish tradition, Buddhism recognised and supported marriage without claiming to have invented it. The fact is that the rite of marriage existed before religion, and thus no one faith can legitimately claim ownership of it.

The suggestion that a civil contract is good enough for gays and lesbians is like throwing crumbs to the hungry. It is not acceptable to them, or to any other clear-thinking person.

We owe it to the institution of marriage, and to those who are married, to extend its warmth to those who are presently excluded. Extending love can only make for a better society.

More information in the following video linked here (and embedded below): SBS World News Australia.

The FABC is the only Buddhist organization authorized by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department to nominate Ordainees as Religious Marriage Celebrants (RMCs) according to the Marriage Act and therefore legally able to solomnise marriages using Buddhist Rites.

The FABC is the peak body representing Buddhism in Australia. The combined membership of the five state Buddhist councils represents more than 200 Buddhist temples and organizations nationwide, their members include the majority of more than 400,000 Australian Buddhists.



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