FedEx NRA Discount Has Gay Rights Groups Up in Arms

FedEx NRA Discount Has Gay Rights Groups Up in Arms

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13919924892_2744e4f5dd_FedExFedEx is offering a discount to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has many gay rights and gun control activists up in arms with protest.
The shipping giant is offering the pro-gun rights group of 5 million members a discount up to as much as 26 percent. Ten organizations in Denver, Atlanta, Memphis, and Orlando have held protests.
“I can’t speak for the whole community, but Orlando was hit very hard by the Pulse tragedy, and anything that contributes to more violence like that is problematic and we want it to stop,” community organizer with Guns Down, Nicole Varma, said. “We don’t want any other community to be affected by gun violence.”
Visa cards, Hertz and Wyndham hotels also offer NRA member discounts.
“Companies should stand for their values, and if FedEx supports the lives of our children and the safety of our communities, they shouldn’t help subsidize the NRA killing industry,” Jason Lindsay, Pride Fund executive director said.
However, not all within the LGBT community agree.
According to Gwendolyn Patton, a spokesperson for the Pink Pistols, “armed queers don’t get bashed.” Pink Pistols local chapters help gay and trans people learn to shoot and obtain licenses to carry guns.
“We’ve run into a basic divide here, and I think it’s based on an awful lot of political ideology,” Patton says. “The stereotype of those on the right is that they don’t like gays but they do like guns, and then there’s the opposite stereotype, that if you’re on the left you don’t like guns but you do like gays. That perspective is based on the premise that gay people should give up their right to self defense, give up their right to guns, so they can get their gay rights from the politicians who support gun control. I personally don’t like that. Why do we have to give up some rights?”
FedEx forecasts record-breaking package handling volumes this year, with a 17 percent jump in online spending. In 2015, the company handled 325 million packages during peak season.

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