Are Final Fantasy Games the Beacon For LGBT Community?

Are Final Fantasy Games the Beacon For LGBT Community?

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FFGameFinal Fantasy XV just hit the shelves and already caused massive controversy. Not only is the internet filled with loads of farming guides, gameplay tips and walkthroughs on YouTube, but we can also find and see a lot of fan fiction based on rather feminine protagonists.

Fan fiction, however, is not a new trend and can’t be considered as a defining factor in shifts of gaming trends. The story of a game, its own plot, and cut scenes, on the other hand, can.

But why does it have so much impact?

Let us be clear for once, we are talking about a massive AAA class game that’s a cultural phenomenon on its own. Final Fantasy JRPG’s have been enough to distract even diehard betting fans from online casino real money sites for generations!

Gay characters in games before

Gay characters in games are more mainstream with every year. The first ones to appear on digital screens were an element of the “lets goof around” attitude much more than anything else. Sure there was a character under the name of Birdo in Super Mario Bros 2 from 1988. He was a male believing he was a female. Birdo’s positioning, however, never stood for anything and his character was added for the lol’s more than anything.

More recent games, like Skyrim or Fallout 4, allow for the player to engage in romantic relationships with whomever his or her heart desires. This option is a swell addition to gameplay mechanics and leaves a lot of open ends for creativity. Alas, the protagonist is only an avatar of your personal actions. Your character in Fallout will never be as famous of an icon as, say, Serious Sam or Duke Nukem.

The shift of Fantasy

Needless to say Final Fantasy games are a legend of their own – a massive phenomenon of pop culture! That noted, the team behind Final Fantasy games is entering a new level of legendary. At long last was a game development company brave enough to actually include gay protagonists millions of people will play with for hundreds of hours.

What’s so special about Final Fantasy XV?

  • It’s the first game of the series without a single female protagonist in the traveling party of heroes.
  • The game is all about so called “bromance” where ladies don’t have an impact on the overall story and narrative.


Yes, the game does not necessarily state that Prince Noctis and his lifelong ‘friend’ Prompto are gay and spins the gear in more of an Elsa from Frozen type of deal, but who really needs a direct reference when everything happening on screen is pretty much obvious?

The importance of this shift in display of protagonists for mainstream gaming is colossal. Massive gaming companies are starting to experiment with new terrains and maybe we will see an entirely new gaming industry based on the foundation FF XV set up.



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