Flashdance the Musical: Where’s the Feeling?

Flashdance the Musical: Where’s the Feeling?

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flashdanceFlashdance: The Musical spanned the Paramount Theatre stage for 2 hours and 35 minutes. The traveling Seattle show starred Emily Padgett as Alex, a daytime welder who works at night as a bar dancer, and Matthew Hydzick as her boss and love interest, plus a host of supporting cast members who truly held up the show.

Those old enough to have seen the original movie know the story. The skeleton plot of the original film remains in place, with several new songs that tend to be sleepy. Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a steel mill, Alex is a welder by day and club dancer by night who aspires to train in ballet at a prestigious dance academy. Much needed comic relief is provided by her club dancer pals Kiki (DeQuina Moore), Gloria (Kelly Felthous) and Tess (Rachelle Rak).

Several songs that were recently written for the show pale in comparison to the original movie soundtrack. Familiar tunes (“Maniac” and “Gloria,” with “I Love Rock and Roll” thrown in to the stage mix as well) are the only numbers that really roused the crowd and saved the show from being a complete snoozer. Then the famous finale number, “What a Feeling.”

What a feeling! The feeling was relief as the final curtain came down, as the show was too long by half an hour and struggled despite the dancing numbers. All in all, it was a mildly enjoyable evening at the theatre.



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