Free2Luv Releases Anthem to Spread Anti-Bullying Awareness

Free2Luv Releases Anthem to Spread Anti-Bullying Awareness

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Thea Gill for Free2Luv

In celebration of the organization’s first anniversary, Free2Luv, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to ending bullying, spreading love and stopping hate, will release their Free2Luv Anthem single November 15, 2012. The single will serve as a means to raise funds for Free2Luv’s bullying prevention program.

Celebrity Ambassadors for Free2Luv include Fran Drescher, Lisa Kudrow, Tea Leoni, Carson Kressley, Vanessa Hudgens, Carmen Electra, Thea Gill, Tom Arnold, Bianca Larson, and Mayim Bialik, to name a few.

The Free2Luv Anthem is being described by their team as “an upbeat, dance tune written by award-winning hip hop artist, Saidat and performed by Saidat and vocal powerhouse Gabbie Rae, two Free2Luv Ambassadors who are passionate about creating change.”

The proceeds from this single will help get the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully Tour” (FDLFB) in communities nationwide spreading the global message that one person can make a difference, and that together we change the world.  The FDLFB Tour combines music, movement and motivation to engage, enlighten and educate students on the impact of their words and actions.  The tour is expected to reach 20 regions of the country in 2013 (over 200,000 children).

“Because music is a universal language, we are using it to reach our youth and truly make an impact,” said Free2Luv CEO and Co-Founder, Tonya Sandis.  “When we go into schools and communities, we want our children to know that they are powerful and they have a voice, and it is important to use it for good.  We believe the bullying epidemic begins with low self-esteem and if we work to change that, we can change the face of this epidemic.”

“I am so happy to be part of Free2Luv,” said Saidat.  “In order for anyone to be free, you first have to love yourself and love and respect others.  This is what the Free2Luv movement is all about.  I wrote this song ‘Free2Luv’ to compliment the amazing work that will be done to help people all over the world realize that love can truly set us free.”

“It feels so amazing to be part of the Free2Luv Family. This organization is so passionate about ending bullying and I am so happy to stand up with them,” said 14 year old, Gabbie Rae.  “Sharing my voice on the Free2Luv Anthem was such an honor. Music reaches people and I am excited to use my voice to help make a difference.”

With the rise in teen suicides, it is Free2Luv’s passion to reach as many communities and children as possible to spread the word that each child has their own unique purpose.  Through their social awareness campaign, community outreach, celebrity ambassadors, youth advocates, and corporate alliances, Free2Luv is breaking down the barriers of hate and celebrating everyone’s individuality and freedom to love.

You can be part of the change and stand up for love.  Visit and learn how you can bring Free2Luv’s program to your community.

Source: Free2Luv



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