From the Living Room to HOUSE, Wynwood Gets Its Own Nightclub

From the Living Room to HOUSE, Wynwood Gets Its Own Nightclub

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It is time for nightclub enthusiasts to truly feel at home. With all the luxuries of home set in a state-of-the-art nightclub and the world’s best DJ’s, one may never wish to leave.

Slated to open in fall 2012, HOUSE is positioned to be the first nightclub in the Wynwood area and the first nightclub of its kind anywhere. Owner and nightclub designer Mark Lowe has taken inspiration from his previous project, Living Room, in creating HOUSE. The nightclub, as its name states, will resemble a house – inside and out.

With plans to feature a sexy lounge and meditation garden, bar areas that resemble state-of-the-art kitchens, luxurious living spaces, a plexiglass enclosed shower designed for performances, pajama-clad bouncers and cocktail waitresses dressed only in men’s t-shirts, HOUSE is truly the next evolution of the nightclub experience.

HOUSE is set to be the most technologically advanced nightclub of its kind. Featuring state-of-the-art sight and sound installations, such as 3D architectural mapping, 360 degree panoramic projection, holograms and cyber technology, HOUSE-goers will be blown away as they walk into what appears to be a desert, ocean or jungle. Satisfying all music lovers, HOUSE will be a multi-format venue.

Home to some of the world’s best DJs, the larger room will play house music; the second room will be open format, while the outdoor space will have a sexy lounge vibe. In every room there will be a different atmosphere, yet it will remain cohesive.

Not neglecting Wynwood’s thriving art scene, HOUSE is incorporating local artists and performers, such as the Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony into their evenings. The nightclub is also planning on hosting special events during Miami’s hottest and internationally-recognized annual events, such as Winter Music Fest, Wine and Food Festival and Art Basel.

Like Living Room, HOUSE will have a designated gay night every week. Mark’s vision for HOUSE is that everyone, regardless of age, race, sexuality, or gender can come together for an unforgettable music experience.

Most importantly, VIPs will definitely feel at home or – better yet – at a 5 star hotel. VIP services will be AOE (anything on earth based). Whatever a VIP desires, HOUSE will provide. The atmosphere will not only be sophisticated, but reachable. Everyone at HOUSE will be treated like a VIP. Whether one spends $15,000 or $15, Mark wants everyone to feel right at home.

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