Funding Rejected for ‘The Danish Girl’ Seven Years Before Release

Funding Rejected for ‘The Danish Girl’ Seven Years Before Release

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Seven years ago, director Tom Hooper fell in love with Lucinda Coxon’s script for the movie The Danish Girl, a film about a husband who realizes he is really a woman. When he first started to talk about it, though, it was considered a difficult film to cast and distribute. That has since changed.
“Now people say to me…’It’s an obvious film to make,’” Hooper said. “So, the fact that it’s now considered kind of obvious is a sign that the culture’s moved in an extraordinary way in the last couple of years. And I think this year’s a real tipping point in trans stories being embraced by the mainstream…but my God there’s a long way to go.”
Producer Gail Mutrux agreed that finding people to fund a movie about a transgender character was difficult.
“You mention the word transgender or transsexual and the phone was, you know, clicking dead,” Mutrux said.
Producer Anne Harrison said one of the most gratifying moments was when they screened The Danish Girl for a group of trans actors.
“They were so moved by just the story of love,” Harrison said, “which is so universal, and that’s what this story is about.”



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