Gaby Hoffman Stars in ‘Lesbian Rosemary’s Baby’ Film

Gaby Hoffman Stars in ‘Lesbian Rosemary’s Baby’ Film

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LyleA film described as a “lesbian Rosemary’s Baby” has been streaming free online since August 4.

Lyle stars Gaby Hoffmann as Leah, a pregnant woman who moves into a new house with her wife June (Ingrid Jungermann) and their daughter Lyle (Eleanor Hopkins). After Lyle dies, she begins to spiral down into a manic state.

The movie first premiered at the Los Angeles LGBT Outfest this year where Hoffmann won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Actress.

Hoffmann, who started as a child star in Now and Then and Sleepless in Seattle has been in a “leading force of independent cinema.” She has most recently been in HBO Girls.

“What I prefer is good writing and smart people,” Hoffmann said in an interview with the Guardian about why she enjoys low budget films. “Wherever that is found, and that is found all over the place in terms of budget, that’s where I tend to want to be.”

Lyle was written and directed by Stewart Thorndike and produced by Alex Scharfman.



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