Gaga’s Little Monsters Launch a Book of Their Story

Gaga’s Little Monsters Launch a Book of Their Story

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225ec9d78cbf2221aa03ed8fbd9cab56Independent publishing house Hot Glue Press announced this week that it will publish Heal This Way: A Love Story written by Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, and photographed by tour photographer Tracey B. Wilson. Lady Gaga’s biggest fans share their raw emotions about coming out, bullying, thoughts of suicide, and the need for acceptance. The book is scheduled to be published on November 12, 2013.

“What started out as a get-well book for Lady Gaga, has taken on a life all its own … A profound look at the power of our words, HEAL THIS WAY became too powerful not to be shared.”

– Author Tracey B. Wilson


“We (Little Monsters) are the Wicked to Gaga’s Oz”

– Kai, Little Monster, NYC

In the winter of 2013, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel the remainder of her concert tour due to a debilitating hip injury.  On the weekend that was to be the “Born This Way Ball” at Madison Square Garden, her biggest fans from around the world gathered in New York City, to celebrate their love and devotion to Lady Gaga, and the community she has given them. Knowing the Little Monsters were anxious to let Mother Monster know they loved her no matter what, Tracey B. Wilson had an idea; A signup sheet, three tweets, and 107 Little Monsters later, Heal This Way was born. But what started as a gift to Lady Gaga became too profound not to be shared, so this new public version was created.

An intimate look into the relationship between Gaga and her Little Monsters, Heal This Way is in itself pop art. Quotes and letters are accompanied by stunning Little Monster portraits. The book will showcase 107 Little Monsters from 10 different countries in 122 pages of full color. Wilson profoundly captures the overwhelmingly brave, fierce, and vulnerable moments of Lady Gaga’s most devoted followers. Having the most prolific group of social media followers in history, Gaga’s Little Monster community is over 40 million strong on Twitter alone.

Displaying the diversity of the Little Monster community, fans young, old, gay, straight, and transgendered write to Mother Monster sharing their stories of overcoming adversity, and reaching self-acceptance. The book will be available in hardcopy and on iTunes.

The book’s New York City launch (November 12 2013), will be a fundraising event benefiting The Trevor Project. In keeping with the spirit of Heal This Way, the event will raise money for LGBT youth on an anti-bullying platform.

Source: Hot Glue Press



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