Gay Conversion Therapy in San Antonio

Gay Conversion Therapy in San Antonio

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Gay conversion therapy is a controversial psychotherapy that’s attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual. Much of it is based on the idea that not properly identifying or bonding with a strong male father figure, can cause a boy to develop into a homosexual man.

“My therapist asked me, ‘Why are you here?’ I told him, ‘I wanted to be heterosexual and I wanted my God given heterosexuality back,” says Richard Campbell. He is part of quiet movement of people who say they don’t want to continue living as homosexuals.

“I kept having relationship after relationship, trying to make things work, all the while feeling an emptiness inside,” says Campbell. Three years ago he looked into gay conversion therapy which is also called gay reparative therapy. I knew because of my faith [and] tradition that I was not born gay. God did not create me gay,” says Campbell.

“It’s related to gender confusion because they did not feel comfortable in what was expected of them as males,” says Michael Newman, a gay reparative counselor. For 25 years, he says he has helped, mostly men, ages 14 to 55, leave their homosexual lifestyle behind.

“I don’t talk about converting, I talk about rediscovering heterosexuality,” says Newman.

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