Gay-Friendly Political Party Formed in Thailand

Gay-Friendly Political Party Formed in Thailand

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8396264572_5714238b90A new political party specifically advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights is going to be added in Thailand.

The Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression Rights Party (SOGIE Rights Party) will be advocating a “stronger voice to their [LGBT] calls for equal sexual rights.” The party will be founded too late for the February 2 elections, but by the time it does form, it’s expected that both pro-Thaksins and anti-Thaksins that feel polarized will join.

Party co-founder Patcharee Saw-eaw said the party plans to “push for laws that would ensure equal treatment for people of all sexes, particularly the LGBT, whose status is not widely accepted in Thai society.”

A current issue is getting LGBT couples the same legal rights as married heterosexual couples.

While the focus is mostly LGBT issues, organizers emphasized that general public issues will not be ignored.

“We have to look at other issues for general people, too. We have to tackle these issues together,” said Warakorn Bhibhathana, an LGBT advocate from the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand.



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